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LENGE Purification is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and testing, specializing in purification and filtration equipment manufacturing for more than 20 years.

LENGE purification equipment are the product of over 20 years of experience, expertise and research in air and liquid filtration. We offer innovative purification solutions that set standards and help factories to improve the quality of production.

The company's products cover purification equipment, primary efficiency, medium efficiency & High Efficiency Particulate Air(HEPA) filter, stainless steel appliances and pleated filter cartridges and other high-tech products. The independent production of microporous filtration membrane, the core technology of filtration developed by the company with huge investment, has made a significant breakthrough. The high value-added filter cartridge products will be put into the market in an all-round way. It has a significant benchmark and demonstration role in breaking the monopoly of foreign filtration giants in China high-end filtration market for a long time, creating independent brands of filtration, and promoting the development and growth of China filtration industry.

LENGE imported TOPAS ALF114 air filter detection line and AFS150 HEPA filter detection line from German to guarantee product quality. ALF114 can carry out tests on the medium efficiency filter according to EN779 and ASHRAE52.2, including air volume resistance, initial efficiency, dust capacity, etc. AFS150 can carry out test on HEPA filter according to EN1822 , including air volume resistance, local efficiency, overall efficiency, etc.

  • LENGE has a complete production process control system and quality assurance system.

  • ISO9001 Quality Management System

  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification

  • The Honorary Titles of High-tech Enterprises

  • Wuxi End-filtration Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center

  • Jiangsu Ultrafine Filtration Engineering Technology Research Center

  • Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise

  • Samsung Digital Chemical Enterprises

  • Technological Innovation Enterprises

LENGE purification high-tech products are widely used in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, microelectronics, medical, environmental protection and other industries. Product quality and after-sales service are widely recognized and affirmed by worldwide customers. With long-term cooperation with many famous companies, it has been rated as "Excellent Supplier" by many top enterprises.

With many of you, we have a long history: a reliable foundation on which to build our common future. That experience gives us the necessary confidence to do the right thing at the right time and equips each of us to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We will continue to focus on partnership and proximity to our customers, far into the future. For innovative solutions that help to make industrial processes more efficient and sustainable to improve the quality of products. 


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